NPS Annual Reports & Submissions


Each year, NPS museum staff perform several standard reporting tasks. The links below contain simplified and illustrated step-by-step instructions that explain how to complete the submissions.

Parks must submit their National Catalog Submission electronically by September 15. The Park Museum Management Program in WASO will complete the Collections Management Report (CMR) for the parks.

The Data Backup features in ICMS are the same as in ANCS+ 8.0. Submit your management reports (ACP), cultural and natural resources, and archives directories with one backup zip file by using the "National Catalog Submisson" backup option.

Parks must upload their Catalog Submission backup by September 15. This will automatically satisfy the requirement for the Collections Management Report (CMR) submission. Museum Management Program staff will generate a CMR for each park. Parks must submit their catalog backup by September 15.

FTP Site Submission

Parks submit their annual reports to the MMP electronically. The process uses a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) web site to receive your backup files. Please see the FTP Site Instructions.

National Catalog Submission

Once a year, each park submits its catalog and accession data to the National Catalog for review, printing, and inclusion in the service-wide National Catalog database. You must submit your data even if there was no cataloging activity during the year. Make your National Catalog Submission by September 15.

Collections Management Report

The NPS Collections Management Report (CMR) counts the size of your museum collection; records the past year's collection activity, such as accessions, cataloging, and loans; and monitors your catalog backlog. Among other things, the CMR helps the NPS acquire funds to address the catalog backlog. You must fulfill your CMR requirement by making your National Catalog Submission by September 15.

The MMP will inform you when your CMR has been completed and will send it to you for comment. See the FTP instructions for help with this. You can get a copy of the CMR data for your park from the MMP and upload it into your ICMS program if you like.

Automated Checklist Program

The Checklist for Preservation and Protection of Museum Collections ("Checklist," "80-1") includes standards for museum collections, facilities, and procedures. It documents how well the unit is meeting those standards. When changes are made to the Checklist (to record a completed Collection Condition Survey, the installation of a new sprinkler system, etc.) submit the revised Checklist to the Museum Management Program. The Checklist in ICMS is the same as in ANCS+ 8.0.

Information from the Checklist is submitted to the park Superintendent or GPRA officer annually.

Automated Inventory Program

The Automated Inventory Program (AIP) generates the data and reports necessary to complete the annual inventory of controlled museum property, randomly selected cataloged museum property, and randomly selected accessioned but uncataloged museum property. Submit the inventory according to the schedule for your region. By the end of the fiscal year, the Regional Director must certify that all museum property inventories have been completed.

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