NPS & DOI System Overview


Getting Help

There are several ways to get help using ICMS in addition to this website:

  • ICMS User Manual

    Updated in 2015 for version 8.20. Chapters of the ICMS User Manual in PDF file format are available online.
  • ANCS+ User Manual

    This manual has been replaced by the ICMS User Manual. If needed, Chapters of the ANCS+ User Manual in PDF file format are available online.
  • Re:discovery Help System & User Manual

    While using ICMS, click the "?" button or press F1 to activate the on-line help system. You can easily locate any topic you need to learn more about. The same information is available in the Re:discovery User Manual, available on the drive where Re:discovery is installed, usually found here: \Program Files\Rediscovery Software Inc\Rediscovery Version8.0\docs\Rediscovery 8 Manual.doc
  • Field Help

    Field Help explains how to use each field in ICMS, including content guidelines and "how to" steps for data entry. Field Help appears in the Navigator Pane. If the Navigator Pane is open but the Field Help text isn't visible, click on a field to activate the field help, expand the field help section of the Navigator Pane or change your Navigation Pane settings (use the View menu's Navigation Pane Style or Navigation Pane Options).
  • Technical Support

    Contact us by phone 9am to 9pm EST at 434.975.3256 (select option 4), or by email.

Guidelines for Contacting Support

Re:discovery gives our users the best support possible. In order to help us better assist you when you call, have the following information ready:

  1. The task you were performing when the error occurred.
  2. How were the results of the task different from what you expected, e.g. not enough records in the search results?
  3. If you received an error message, you'll want to provide us with a little more information:
    • The exact task and how far along you were in the process before receiving an error message.
    • The error message: You don't need to print the error message, rather, you may be asked to copy/paste the text into an e-mail, or e-mail a screen shot.
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